Hybrid workforce is the future of work

Hybrid workforce is the future of work

As workers and employers alike see the benefits of a semi-remote workforce, it is evident that hybrid work is not just the future of work, but the now of work. It's here to stay.

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Remote working has continued to increase in recent years

The pandemic has made it an essential part of the IT industry

Oscorb UG would like to present you with a hybrid working model. A hybrid model can offer the best of both worlds - it can mean lower running costs for the company while keeping its employees happy, healthy and motivated.

Remote working will continue to increase in the future. According to a Forbes survey, remote working will account for 70% of the workforce by 2025.

As workers and employers alike see the benefits of a semi-remote workforce, it is evident that hybrid work is not just the future of work, but the now of work. It's here to stay.

So what is the hybrid workforce, how can it be achieved and why is it the way of the future? In this guide, we summarize what you need to know about the future of work if you want to leverage the hybrid workplace for your own business goals.

What are the benefits of the hybrid workforce?

Company employees, management and stakeholders have discovered many benefits as a result of hybrid work. These include:

cost savings. Both employers and employees save money with the hybrid workforce. Businesses save money by renting less office space, and employees save money on commuting.

Increased productivity. A recent Gartner survey found that 73% of workers said their productivity increased because of their ability to work remotely. Flexible working hours and the elimination of commuting were the main contributors to this increase in productivity.

ESG and sustainability requirements. Because remote work helps companies reduce their overall carbon footprint, the hybrid workforce model helps companies meet ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability requirements dictated by investors and government mandates.

Access to different types of talents. Organizations that implement a hybrid workforce can hire employees from anywhere in the world, diversifying and enriching their talent pool.

Why is the hybrid workforce the future of work?

The hybrid workforce model is the best solution to achieve employee and company goals.

The hybrid workforce allows employees to enjoy the benefits of remote work while ensuring there is a physical location for business initiatives that depend on personal connection and collaboration. A recent study by Gitlab found that 82% of workers believe remote work is the future of work from home because of the combined benefits it brings to both workers and employers.

Given that many companies are still locked into long-term office leases and are developing policies for remote work that suit their company's needs, the hybrid workforce model is currently the best solution to meet employee and company goals.

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